Mobile Message Marketing 

Mobile marketing is the Fastest GROWING form of COMMUNICATION
It compliments other forms of communication an organization might be using.

  • 98% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes of receiving ~ Forbes
  • 86% of text messages are read IMMEDIATELY (vs 12% of FB & 20% of email being read AT ALL)
  • Text message is responded to BEFORE voicemail
  • 91% of all people keep their cell phone within 3 feet of themselves 24/7/365 days a year
  • People TOUCH their phone 500+ times a DAY!
  • Text is RESPONDED to BEFORE voicemail
  • 7 BILLION text messages are sent DAILY
  •  Adults 18-24 send and receive over 128 texts every day. (Experian Marketing Services, Tweet this!)
  • Adults 25-34 send and receive over 75 texts a day. (Experian Marketing Services, Tweet this!)
  • Adults 35-44 send and receive about 52 texts a day. (Experian Marketing Services, Tweet this!)
  • Adults 45-54 send and receive 33 texts a day. (Experian Marketing Services, Tweet this!)
  • Adults 55+ send and receive 16 texts a day. (Experian Marketing Services, Tweet this!)  
  • 97% of consumers’ text weekly. (Pew Research Center, Tweet this!)   
  • 67% of customers WANT to receive text message alerts/offers
  • Text messages have the highest read rate of ALL other forms of marketing(including social media marketing)
  • It costs 6x more $ & effort to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one

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ALL of the Following ARE INCLUDED in Our ALL Inclusive Program 

  • Complimentary Consultation
  • Fully Functional TCPA/CTIA Compliant Platform
  • User-Friendly Platform 
  • Unlimited Keywords
  • Unlimited Opt-In Design (provided in format for social media, website, print, etc.)
  • Stateside LIVE Customer Service
  • Marketing Outline, Including Best Practises 
  • Flexible Plans to Serve Your Needs
  • FREE Program (ask for details) 


  • A Text2Win contest or sweepstakes are one of the best ways to interact with your current customers or prospective customers using mobile.
  • All who enter the text contest can be added to your customer database for future campaign offers or text alerts.
  • Creating Text2Win Sweepstakes to produce an instant win or random winner is one of the most popular and effective Mobile Marketing tools.
  • Our mobile platform is setup to automatically close the sweepstakes and pick a winner and auto notify the owner with winners contact info.
  • Our program can also notify those who didn't win with a special offer, etc.


  • It's similar to the favorite TV show- American Idol, where the TV audience is given the ability to vote for their favorite entertainer.
  • Our mobile application is equipped to receive, control and report voting outcomes to you and your cell phone subscribers (If you wish).
  • Advertising is more effective when it invites a live response.
  • We will help you integrate an effective Text2Poll campaign for your business, organization or political campaign.
  • We help setup and ensure you have a successful SMS polling campaign.  
  • We work with you to promote your business, organization or candidate at events and shows using this Mobile Marketing solution.
  • SMS polling has provided our clients with inexpensive research on customer behavior and preferences.
  • Bring the awesome power of text messaging to your business or organization!
  • Your customers simply text a Keyword to a short code to join & GET instant access to specials, news & MORE!
  • We'll send a fully customizable (TCPA/FCC/CTIA compliant) automatic response back to them in seconds.
  • Use different (UNLIMITED) keywords for different audiences, campaigns, etc.
  • Add the Text2Join info to all existing marketing efforts to help increase success!
  • By adding a Text2Join call to action to any announcement, print, radio, TV, Facebook & Twitter, you can capture a new prospect and start building a relationship by sending specials to drive that prospect to become a Repeat Loyal Customer.
  • ​Call/Text 262-203-1341 for a sample campaign 


  • Our mobile messaging platform enables INSTANT communication to subscribers.
  • Our system is perfect for TV/Radio stations, schools, day care providers, youth groups, churches, or anyone who needs an instant and reliable method of delivering effective COMMUNICATION, news and updates.
  • We are available to discuss in person or over the telephone if a Text4Alerts solution is right for your business, organization, non-profit or even HR department.  
  • This is a niche mobile service and works well when properly set-up and managed for effectiveness. That's where we come in.