Mobile Message Marketing 

Mobile marketing is the Fastest GROWING form of COMMUNICATION
It compliments other forms of communication an organization might be using.

  • 98% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes of receiving ~ Forbes
  • 86% of text messages are read IMMEDIATELY (vs 12% of FB & 20% of email being read AT ALL)
  • Text message is responded to BEFORE voicemail
  • 91% of all people keep their cell phone within 3 feet of themselves 24/7/365 days a year
  • People TOUCH their phone 500+ times a DAY!
  • Text is RESPONDED to BEFORE voicemail
  • 7 BILLION text messages are sent DAILY
  •  Adults 18-24 send and receive over 128 texts every day. (Experian Marketing Services, Tweet this!)
  • Adults 25-34 send and receive over 75 texts a day. (Experian Marketing Services, Tweet this!)
  • Adults 35-44 send and receive about 52 texts a day. (Experian Marketing Services, Tweet this!)
  • Adults 45-54 send and receive 33 texts a day. (Experian Marketing Services, Tweet this!)
  • Adults 55+ send and receive 16 texts a day. (Experian Marketing Services, Tweet this!)  
  • 97% of consumers’ text weekly. (Pew Research Center, Tweet this!)   
  • 67% of customers WANT to receive text message alerts/offers
  • Text messages have the highest read rate of ALL other forms of marketing(including social media marketing)
  • It costs 6x more $ & effort to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one

ALL of the Following ARE INCLUDED in Our ALL Inclusive Program 


  • Bring the awesome power of text messaging to your business! Your customers simply text your Keyword to 51660 to join the VIP Club & GET instant access to specials, news & MORE!
  • We'll send a fully customizable automatic response back to them in seconds.
  • Use different keywords to help build a segmented list for sending offers to only those who are more likely to respond to it!
  • You can add your Text2Join info to all your existing marketing efforts to help increase success!
  • By adding a Text2Join call to action to any announcement, print, radio, TV, Facebook & Twitter, you can capture a new prospect and start building a relationship by sending specials to drive that prospect to become a Repeat Loyal Customer.
  • ​Call/Text 262-203-1341 for a sample campaign 


  • Text-2-Win is an exciting mobile tool used to capture prospective customer's cell phone numbers and start building brand loyalty. A Text2Win contest or sweepstakes are one of the best ways to interact with your current customers or prospective customers using mobile. All who enter the text contest can be added to your customer database for future campaign offers or text alerts.
  • We follow strict guidelines to all anti-spam (CAN-SPAM) procedures enacted
    by congress in March of 2005 and provide opt-in and opt-out features in compliance with FCC regulations.
  • Creating Text2Win Sweepstakes to produce an instant win or random winner is one of the most popular and effective Mobile Marketing tools.
  • Our mobile platform is setup to automatically close the sweepstakes and pick a winner and auto notify the owner with winners contact info.
  • Our program can also notify those who didn't win with a special offer, etc. 


  • Our mobile messaging platform enables you to communicate instantly to your mobile subscribers.
  • Our system is perfect for TV/Radio stations, schools, day care providers, youth groups, churches, or anyone who needs an instant and reliable method of delivering effective COMMUNICATION, news and updates.
  • We are available to discuss in person or over the telephone if a Text4Alerts solution is right for your business, organization, non-profit or even HR department.  
  • This is a niche mobile service and works well when properly setup and managed for effectiveness. That's where we come in.



  • It's similar to the favorite TV show- American Idol, where the TV audience is given the ability to vote for their favorite entertainer.
  • Our mobile application is equipped to receive, control and report voting outcomes to you and your cell phone subscribers (If you wish).
  • Advertising is more effective when it invites a live response.
  • We will help you integrate an effective Text2Poll campaign for your business, organization or political campaign.
  • We help setup and ensure you have a successful SMS polling campaign.  
  • We work with you to promote your business, organization or candidate at events and shows using this Mobile Marketing solution.
  • SMS polling has provided our clients with inexpensive research on customer behavior and preferences.